Ban Asthma Meds, What?

Maybe you hate Chris Froome, maybe you've never suffered from asthma yourself, or seen your child suffer from asthma, and want to knowingly or unknowingly also choose to punish children in order to make Froome suffer. So if you're spouting endlessly on Twitter about banning asthma medication in sport, you're either unaware of the bigger … Continue reading Ban Asthma Meds, What?

Colombians & Manzana Postobon team at la Vuelta

As always, I follow the Colombians in Grand Tours with sheer fascination, the 2017 Vuelta has the added interest away from the established Colombian stars taking part such listed below, along with a Colombian team with a historical sponsor from the 80's era when Colombians previously appeared in the euro peloton, Postobon, which is basically … Continue reading Colombians & Manzana Postobon team at la Vuelta

Format, rider, or both?

This years Tour is incredibly close after 2 weeks, the top four are within 29 seconds of each other, with the next 4 within another 2 minutes from 4th place. This is unheard of at this stage in a Tour, after 60 hours in the saddle the time gaps are minuscule, without Porte's crash involving … Continue reading Format, rider, or both?

Blood & Skills

I continue to hear pundits & those involved in 'skill based' sports defend themselves against EPO use & blood manipulation as if it wouldn't benefit them. I beg to differ. The following should at least show that there's little chance of getting caught in other sports & there's huge benefits to most sports people in … Continue reading Blood & Skills

2017 & Mens Pro Cycling

Men's pro cycling, the main focus of the cycling media, has been causing me some motivational problems as a cycling fan the last few months.  Living in the UK, the story of the jiffy bag & the tiresome Bradley Wiggins attitude has been dominating proceedings, with it getting murkier & murkier as time progresses, it … Continue reading 2017 & Mens Pro Cycling

A Hypothetical Nation At The ‘Worlds’

In the midst of a political no-mans-land, with huge uncertainties over Brexit, membership of the EU & another potential Scottish independence referendum. What would that mean for a sport's governing body, flung into a new phase of sudden responsibility, having to deal with licences, governance, memberships, insurance, online entry & websites, among many other things? … Continue reading A Hypothetical Nation At The ‘Worlds’

Rest Day Predictions

When somebody who looks perfectly capable of attacking & doesn't attack, it either means they're not interested, or they have a serious plan. I'm putting my thoughts for a thrilling final week of the Tour out there. As far as predictions go, I've got past history of being very wrong, so don't place any bets … Continue reading Rest Day Predictions

A Complete Cav?

Earlier in the year, I wrote about Cav being the wrong person to take the GB place in the Mens Omnium at the Rio Olympics, how wrong was I? In the meantime, we've had an injury in the other likely contender, and more importantly, a resurgent Mark Cavendish, who is looking to have worked harder … Continue reading A Complete Cav?


Bike racers have been aware of the advantages aerodynamics gave them for decades, perhaps from the very beginning of competitive cycling itself. Up until the 1989 Tour de France, nothing had made the differences more stark, than a colourful mix of imagery, marketing & race winning choices, to propel Greg LeMond to an 8 second … Continue reading Aero-Aware

Roadworks & Organising Races

Domestic cycling events are generally very low-key, they're the last things anybody cares about when they're making plans to dig up the road for water, cable TV, or a multitude of different reasons. It came to my attention today, that new organisers are still unaware of exactly where to look for information, a knowledge gap … Continue reading Roadworks & Organising Races

The 20 Year Scandal Cycle

"The tranquil world of cycling has been turned upside down by allegations of misconduct and lax financial controls at its ruling body, the British Cycling Federation." (Independent, 1996) For those who were not involved in cycling 20 years ago, the current turmoil going on in British Cycling may seem like something new, it may come … Continue reading The 20 Year Scandal Cycle

Bumping Up To The Rules

The rules of sport exist for very legitimate reasons, in some cases those rules inadvertently aid those willing to push the boundaries, by providing a line in the sand. Step over this line & you can be accused of being a cheat, but stay right on the limit & you can proclaim yourself working within … Continue reading Bumping Up To The Rules

State Of The Art Technology?

BAE are claiming that "Experts at BAE Systems have revealed details of the highly advanced technology it has developed for Britain’s top cycling athletes to help propel them to success in 2016". Now I know technology doesn't have to be pretty to be effective, but has this been dragged out of a basement the 1980's … Continue reading State Of The Art Technology?

Ethics & Rio Ramifications

See updates at end of blog... Yesterday we learned that tennis star Maria Sharapova has failed a test for a substance called Meldonium. I had not been particularly aware of this performance enhancer before, it was only banned at the new year by WADA, but appears to have been in extensive use by Russian athletes … Continue reading Ethics & Rio Ramifications