Australian Pursuit Sportive?

Most riders who take part in road races will know what an APR is, it stands for Australian Pursuit Race & is a handicapped road race. The riders are set off in small groups, where the *theoretically slower riders getting a head start on the faster riders (*theoretical, as in there's always a 'ringer' or … Continue reading Australian Pursuit Sportive?

Sagan – The Combine Harvester

The 1989 Tour was memorable for the incredible victory of Greg LeMond over Laurent Fignon in the final metres of tarmac in Paris. But something died that year, something that had a special charm to it, a jersey that the Tour de France could really benefit from re-introducing, sitting quietly on the shoulders of Steven … Continue reading Sagan – The Combine Harvester

Road Deaths: Political & Media Interest

The terrorist attacks in Paris, killing 17 people last week grabbed huge amounts of media & political attention. Attacks of this kind are incredibly rare in Western Europe, while the relatively common occurrence of death on the highway goes virtually unnoticed. I'm not suggesting that terrorist acts should get less coverage, I'm suggesting that road … Continue reading Road Deaths: Political & Media Interest

Sky High on Salbutamol?

Twitter has reacted quite badly, in the normal way expected to the piece on about 'A third of Team Sky's riders are asthmatic'. It's probably worth taking a look at some pretty obvious reasons why asthma diagnosis is higher in professional athletes than it is through a sedentary population. For convenience, lets split the … Continue reading Sky High on Salbutamol?

Riding In the Rain & Cold – #1 Mudguards

Winter cycling in Scotland is often seen by some as one of the most miserable things you can do on a bike, that's not strictly true, I'm writing a series of posts on not just surviving it, but enjoying it. In this post we discover that mudguards are fundamental & the number-one necessary evil. Riding without … Continue reading Riding In the Rain & Cold – #1 Mudguards

The Horner Effect

A contact close to the UCI has divulged some details to spokeydokeyblog of a new plan due to be introduced for the 2016 season. One previously unaddressed aspect of aerodynamics will be tackled & a level playing field will be attempted. Experts have carried out a series of advanced calculations, using stopwatches & guesswork, to … Continue reading The Horner Effect

Braveheart Ride: Saturday 25th October

Get your entries in for this ride starting in Kilmarnock on Saturday 25th October, it'll fill up quickly, should be a great ride, for a good cause. Entry links HERE, along with routes & other details. If you're around the area, why not make a weekend of it & ride the Irvine Beach cyclo-cross on the … Continue reading Braveheart Ride: Saturday 25th October


A significant number of high-profile riders have been reported ill in 2014, both before & during events. This seems to have been occurring more often in the build-up to the Tour de France, with several riders dropping out of events recently. Could this poor health be a result of the extremely low body fat percentages … Continue reading Skinnyfixation

Spokey Dokey League

If you think you know better than Dave Brailsford, if nobody ever listens to your team selection choices, this is your chance to prove yourself. Sign up (it's free) at, choose your team & enter the Spokey Dokey Mini League Code 30191854 to join. How It Works You have 100 credits to build your … Continue reading Spokey Dokey League

Throw-Away Bike Culture?

Only ten or fifteen years ago, cycling was very much a minority sport in the UK. Nowadays, after the success of the GB Olympic Team, Chris Boardman, Graeme Obree, Chris Hoy & Victoria Pendleton on the track, then Mark Cavendish & Bradley Wiggins 'winning stuff' at the Tour de France, the British sports fan now … Continue reading Throw-Away Bike Culture?

Being Batman

Batman requires his secret cave in order to be a super hero, it contains all his specialist vehicles & provides the means he requires to progress his fight against crime, without it he would be nothing. Most cyclists require their 'man cave', or 'bike shed', which serves a similar purpose for the pursuit of their … Continue reading Being Batman

“Strong, Light, Cheap, pick two”

Keith Bontrager's well-known quote, "strong, light, cheap, pick two", still rings true when it comes to bike components. It's a very simple but incredibly effective description of any bike parts, or engineered components in general. If something is strong & light it's not going to be cheap, i.e. a top end carbon frame. If it's … Continue reading “Strong, Light, Cheap, pick two”

More Spin in 2014

It's that time of year, the Turkey is stripped of all edible meat, you're full of mince pies, bloated on wine, lacking exercise & feeling a little guilty perhaps? Well fear not, the rookies & the insane will be road racing in Scotland by February, but you've got plenty of time to get yourself ready … Continue reading More Spin in 2014

The Red Light District

Cyclists behaviour on the road is a contentious subject right now, the media are attempting to portray two sides to a perceived conflict between the two fairly obvious tribes, drivers & cyclists. This provides some sort of pseudo-battleground & an opportunity for hateful column inches which feed into the prejudices of some readers & make … Continue reading The Red Light District

Presents for Cyclists

It's often very hard to buy presents for cyclists, especially if you're not sure whether they're Campag or Shimano, buying the wrong component would really label yourself as a prime 'eejit' in the eyes of your cycling friend/hubby. So a very safe bet is a quality book, in most cases a training book is probably … Continue reading Presents for Cyclists

Scottish Classics

The Scottish Road Racing scene changes significantly every year, races come & go, others seem to have been with us forever. But very few of the multitude of past & present road races are universally accepted as having the 'Scottish Classic' label attached to them. It's probably about time to take a fresh look at … Continue reading Scottish Classics

The demise & the rise of the cycling mag

I'm a subscriber to Rouleur, it dropped through my letterbox last week. It took me four or five days to open the substantial packaging & start reading it, not because it's something I'm uninterested in, but because it doesn't matter whether or not I read it now or later, it's virtually timeless. With the internet … Continue reading The demise & the rise of the cycling mag

Comparing the Incomparable

Standard distance courses measured in miles, (a unit rarely used by cyclists worldwide), on flat roads (a road type rarely found in Scotland), using expensive special time trial bikes (a steed rarely found in the stable of anything other than a 'tester' or a tri-antelope). Time trials, how did we get here & how do … Continue reading Comparing the Incomparable

You’ve Been Framed

Steel, carbon, aluminium, titanium, we've even had metal matrix composite, wooden & magnesium frames (Kirk Precision), but what's best for you & is one of the cheaper carbon frames actually a better bet than an aluminium frame? Steel It used to be Reynolds 531, that was what you bought if you were a UK cyclist … Continue reading You’ve Been Framed