2017 & Mens Pro Cycling

Men's pro cycling, the main focus of the cycling media, has been causing me some motivational problems as a cycling fan the last few months.  Living in the UK, the story of the jiffy bag & the tiresome Bradley Wiggins attitude has been dominating proceedings, with it getting murkier & murkier as time progresses, it … Continue reading 2017 & Mens Pro Cycling

A Hypothetical Nation At The ‘Worlds’

In the midst of a political no-mans-land, with huge uncertainties over Brexit, membership of the EU & another potential Scottish independence referendum. What would that mean for a sport's governing body, flung into a new phase of sudden responsibility, having to deal with licences, governance, memberships, insurance, online entry & websites, among many other things? … Continue reading A Hypothetical Nation At The ‘Worlds’

Australian Pursuit Sportive?

Most riders who take part in road races will know what an APR is, it stands for Australian Pursuit Race & is a handicapped road race. The riders are set off in small groups, where the *theoretically slower riders getting a head start on the faster riders (*theoretical, as in there's always a 'ringer' or … Continue reading Australian Pursuit Sportive?

Centre of Gravity

I read with interest the Shane Stokes article on Greg LeMond's ideas about how we can detect a motor HERE. These are all valid, but for initial identification I've a much simpler idea that any commissaire could use, it's so simple it'll no doubt be discounted as you'll not need any special jigs or expense, … Continue reading Centre of Gravity

Malboro Gains

With the marginal gains philosophy entrenched across the majority of the top teams these days, I find it surprising that most use a bulky radio system in time trials to communicate to their team car. It looks like they've stuffed a packet of fags up their skin-suits, surely there's a better way than this? Radio … Continue reading Malboro Gains

Event Strategy

I've pondered various ideas in the past, on how the event structure in Scotland can benefit riders development & the sport in general. It seems that very little has been done on forming an event structure in sufficient time before the season begins, and while I applaud the introduction of a women's road series, there … Continue reading Event Strategy

British Champs Predictions

As usual, don't place any bets on any of my predictions, but it's well worth looking ahead to Thursday & Sunday, for the British Road Championships. The event will be held in the Celtic Manner resort, as in 2009. I'm not clued up enough on the under 23's, so I'll just go for the Elite … Continue reading British Champs Predictions

Scottish Commonwealth Games Cycling Medals

The Medals 1970 - Brian Temple - Silver - 10 Miles Scratch Race 1986 - Eddie Alexander - Bronze - Sprint 2002 - Chris Hoy - Gold - Kilo 2002 - Chris Hoy, Craig MacLean, Marco Librizzi, Ross Edgar - Bronze - Team Sprint 2006 - Chris Hoy, Craig MacLean, Ross Edgar - Gold - … Continue reading Scottish Commonwealth Games Cycling Medals

199 Laps (pt4)

Before we move on, you should read the UCI's press release from the 15th May 2014 below. From now on, the Hour record can be beaten using any bicycle that complies with the rules governing bikes used in endurance competitions on the track. The new rules are less restrictive than those that, since 1st October … Continue reading 199 Laps (pt4)

Beyond Categories

During my 'Scottish Olympic Cycling Team' blog I touched on a possible solution to the issue of licences & race categorisation, without the stranglehold of the British Cycling system. If Scottish Cycling operated its own category system, to work better so riders don't have to travel large distances to race against a full field of … Continue reading Beyond Categories

Youth Tour of Scotland

With big fields & fast close up racing, one of the UK's premier youth events takes place in Perth from Sunday, the Scottish Power Youth Tour of Scotland. It comprises four stages, all held in & around Perth from Sunday to Tuesday. This involves the cream of youth road talent from across the UK, if … Continue reading Youth Tour of Scotland

On The Attack

Many riders appear to settle for finishing road races in the bunch, most are probably capable of more, but various issues stop them taking the initiative. Maybe they should try to attack, what's the worst that could happen? For the weekend warrior, racing isn't a matter of life & death, if you win a prize … Continue reading On The Attack

Manx Missile Miss-firing?

We've seen Cavendish getting nowhere in the sprints at the 2014 Dubai Tour, but does this actually tell us anything about his form for later in the year. His stated goal is the Tour de France, is there anything to worry about for the Manxman with his results in February? Early Season The change in … Continue reading Manx Missile Miss-firing?

Sky Plus

Much has been made of teams like Movistar adopting or imitating Sky's detailed approach to tackling stage racing which has proved so successful to them recently. With riders like Alex Dowsett now successfuly migrated & fully absorbed in Movistar, disclosing many of the Sky methods, can we also presume that they'll not take the Sky … Continue reading Sky Plus

More Spin in 2014

It's that time of year, the Turkey is stripped of all edible meat, you're full of mince pies, bloated on wine, lacking exercise & feeling a little guilty perhaps? Well fear not, the rookies & the insane will be road racing in Scotland by February, but you've got plenty of time to get yourself ready … Continue reading More Spin in 2014

Bio Hazard

Todays big doping news is that the UCI has opened disciplinary proceedings against Jonathan Tiernan-Locke. I've written some positive things about him in the past, hopeful things, wishing that his performances in 2012 were plausible, that he hadn't betrayed Brian Smith, that he may be clean. As proceedings have progressed from a period where Tiernan-Locke … Continue reading Bio Hazard

Scottish Classics

The Scottish Road Racing scene changes significantly every year, races come & go, others seem to have been with us forever. But very few of the multitude of past & present road races are universally accepted as having the 'Scottish Classic' label attached to them. It's probably about time to take a fresh look at … Continue reading Scottish Classics

Better Living Through Chemistry

For some reason, after a series of revelations from the USADA investigation into Lance Armstrong, the admission of Ryder Hesjedal has had a significant effect on people's attitudes to 'reformed dopers'. Michael Rasmussen's recent excerpts from his book, mention how he 'taught' Hesjedal to dope while they were both mountain bikers, this was claimed to … Continue reading Better Living Through Chemistry

199 Laps (pt2)

I was blogging previously about Wiggins goal being the Hour record, rather than the Worlds TT, I think I'm more sure now. Previous blog here: 199 Laps (pt1) Behaviour From what I'm seeing in the Tour of Britain, Wiggins doesn't look like somebody who's making the types of efforts we'd expect from somebody peaking & … Continue reading 199 Laps (pt2)

Tour of Britain, Tour of Scotland?

It's the Scottish stage of the Tour of Britain today, looking outside, the weather looks stereotypically 'Scottish'. After a glorious summer, cycling audiences worldwide now see Scotland in the middle of a storm, with max temperatures of about 12 degrees, 100kmh wind gusts & rain all day. If Cancellara were here he'd be telling the … Continue reading Tour of Britain, Tour of Scotland?