Ban Asthma Meds, What?

Maybe you hate Chris Froome, maybe you've never suffered from asthma yourself, or seen your child suffer from asthma, and want to knowingly or unknowingly also choose to punish children in order to make Froome suffer. So if you're spouting endlessly on Twitter about banning asthma medication in sport, you're either unaware of the bigger … Continue reading Ban Asthma Meds, What?

Bumping Up To The Rules

The rules of sport exist for very legitimate reasons, in some cases those rules inadvertently aid those willing to push the boundaries, by providing a line in the sand. Step over this line & you can be accused of being a cheat, but stay right on the limit & you can proclaim yourself working within … Continue reading Bumping Up To The Rules

Ethics & Rio Ramifications

See updates at end of blog... Yesterday we learned that tennis star Maria Sharapova has failed a test for a substance called Meldonium. I had not been particularly aware of this performance enhancer before, it was only banned at the new year by WADA, but appears to have been in extensive use by Russian athletes … Continue reading Ethics & Rio Ramifications

Cross Pathway

Looking back to the rise of British Cycling's international success, they cleverly targeted a relatively underfunded area of cycle sport, threw all their eggs in the 'track' basket & gained multiple medals on the world stage as a result. This focus on track racing eventually made this area of cycle sport harder for 'Team GB' … Continue reading Cross Pathway

Crank Length & Foot Speed

As people are finally starting to realise that long cranks are not any faster, and in some situations can make you slower, here's a few points on the benefits of using shorter cranks for any rider. Delving into the world of crank length is almost up there with Shimano or Campagnolo, so I certainly expect … Continue reading Crank Length & Foot Speed

The New Religion

It used to be the case that if you couldn't explain something, you blamed God, then if anybody came up with an alternative based on evidence, they came to a horrible end. As time passed, the evidence based explanation became more popular & the lazy old ideas slowly drifted into obscurity, with only the individuals … Continue reading The New Religion

Tour Predictions

I was going to do a top 15 prediction, to incite a bit of ridicule & debate, but more importantly to point out the riders slightly further the classification who often get ignored. These riders are often a strange mix, riders of the future, 'surprise' performers, past top 5's, quality riders who had a lucky … Continue reading Tour Predictions

Track Cycling’s Strange Quirk

As you watch this Sundays Hour Record attempt by Bradley Wiggins, bear in mind that no part of him, or any static part of his bike has actually travelled the Hour Record distance he sets. It's a quirk of riding on a velodrome compared to riding on the road, science gets involved & messes things … Continue reading Track Cycling’s Strange Quirk

Hour Record – Pre-Wiggins attempt

Alex Dowsett was the fourth rider to break the mens record after the recent rule change, he followed Jens Voigt (51.115km), Matthias Brändle (51.852km) & Rohan Dennis (52.491km). Dowsett seemed to be the least physically stressed by his record-breaking ride, nearly punching through the 53km barrier with 52.937km covered in the hour on the Manchester … Continue reading Hour Record – Pre-Wiggins attempt

King of the Morons

Those who follow Scottish politics will probably be familiar with the Stan Laurel type character of Willie Rennie, leader of what's left of the LibDems in the Scottish Parliament. He's not only a pretty ineffective politician, he also can't work Strava, incriminating himself by driving at over 80mph after forgetting to stop the app recording … Continue reading King of the Morons

A New Level of Stupidity

I watched this in disbelief on Sunday's Paris Roubaix, the sight of professional cyclists running across a closed level crossing, just in front of a train travelling at huge speed (in the photo above, the train is travelling well over 100mph). These people are idiots, it was incredibly close to them, they should not only … Continue reading A New Level of Stupidity

The Road Calendar – An early look

I'm just rolling my eyes over what's currently been added so far up to the end of April, I'm well aware that if a club or organiser hasn't paid their affiliation fees, then any events will not appear. But I'm assuming that taking a weekend snapshot (25/1/15), we'll get a decent snapshot of how the … Continue reading The Road Calendar – An early look