Blood & Skills

I continue to hear pundits & those involved in 'skill based' sports defend themselves against EPO use & blood manipulation as if it wouldn't benefit them. I beg to differ. The following should at least show that there's little chance of getting caught in other sports & there's huge benefits to most sports people in … Continue reading Blood & Skills

The New Religion

It used to be the case that if you couldn't explain something, you blamed God, then if anybody came up with an alternative based on evidence, they came to a horrible end. As time passed, the evidence based explanation became more popular & the lazy old ideas slowly drifted into obscurity, with only the individuals … Continue reading The New Religion

The Drugs Don’t Work

I've been through some of these issues before, the phenomenon of the sudden disappearance of the majority of those riders who come from high altitude environments during the major EPO years. It's quite possible we still have a hangover from this in the current bio-passport policed environment, where riders can no longer go 'full gass' … Continue reading The Drugs Don’t Work

Meet the Schleckers

Fränk & Andy Schleck, the brotherly duo are known to be incredibly close, joined at the hip racing partners, always on the same team, they do everything together, they have an incredible family 'circle of trust'. They used to appear to come across as the happy, polite & cuddly (stick insect cuddly) brothers, butter wouldn't … Continue reading Meet the Schleckers


Much has been said about the meteoric rise of Sky's stage racing surprise, Chris Froome. We find ourselves asking how can somebody so suddenly rise from pack fodder to taking 2nd place in two grand tours in such a short space of time? Forums & Twitter are full of people 'who know' Froome is doping, … Continue reading FrUnderdog

My name’s Di Luca, I live on the 2nd floor.

Twitter breathed a sigh of dis-contentment this week when 2007 Giro winner Danilo Di Luca was seen attacking on the finale of stage 4 at the Giro, it brings back memories of an era we were all trying to forget when we see Di Luca going well, we only assume one thing. Why the blog … Continue reading My name’s Di Luca, I live on the 2nd floor.

Geert outa here!

Geert Leinders, the doctor employed by Sky during 2011 & 2012, while previously employed by Rabobank, where riders are testifying that Leinders doped them, what are we to deduce from this about Sky's ethical policy & what he was doing there in the first place? He's now the subject of a criminal investigation by the … Continue reading Geert outa here!