Medals for Pedals?

We know where & when the Scottish Scratch Championships will be held, due to the organiser informing us last week. But where are the rest of them?It’s time to look at which events are confirmed & have a date on the calendar.

Let me know if I’ve missed any, you can’t filter the calendar by Scottish Championships, so my eyes may have crossed over and missed some while I was searching.

Confirmed Events

Here’s what I’ve got so far confirmed from the published calendar….

  • 14th April: Time Trial Championships (tt)
  • 12th May: ’10’ Time Trial Championships (tt)
  • 19th May : Womens Road Race Championships & Scottish Road Race Championships (rr)
  • 2nd June: Junior Road Race Championships (rr)
  • 9th June: ’25’ Time Trial Championships (tt)
  • 30th June: ’50’ Time Trial Championships (tt)
  • 13th/14th July: Downhill Championships (mtb)
  • 1st September: Cross Country Championships (mtb)
  • 7th September: Scratch Championships (track)
  • 22nd September: Youth TT Championships (tt)

What’s Missing?

As far as I can see, we’re missing the following….

Road Racing:

  • Youth Road Race Championship
  • Veterans Road Race Championship
  • Criterium

Time Trialling:

  • ‘100’ TT
  • 12 Hour TT
  • Team Time Trial
  • Hill Climb


  • Sprint
  • Individual Pursuit
  • Team Sprint
  • Kilometre Time Trial
  • Junior Sprint
  • Junior Pursuit
  • Womens Pursuit
  • Womens 500m Time Trial
  • Keirin
  • Womens Keirin

Youth Track:

Lots, including sprint, madison, points, pursuit etc  for different age groups.

Undoubtably Scottish Cyclo Cross will be well organised & have their champs sorted out.

What’s going on?

It’s hard to tell what the problem with championships in 2013 is, but in the absence of an official championship calendar (that I could find anyway, I had a good look), it looks like the championship events have not been allocated. Now this could be down to a handful of reasons, perhaps nobody came forward to host these events, but if that’s the case there’s barely been a word about it, not much publicity at all to encourage clubs or bodies to get involved (again, not that I’ve seen, but open to being proven wrong). It could be the way the calendar works now, that you have to enter your own event on it after getting it approved through Scottish Cycling & British Cycling (if anybody knows the official method for this let me know please, I couldn’t find that either!).

So we have to draw the conclusion that Scottish Cycling must be running these, at least the track events, similar to last year. I think we can all agree, it would be nice to know, why the secrecy, it just creates distrust, please tell us what’s going on.

That’s 2 blogs in a row on Scottish championships & I’m more confused than ever, I think I’ll choose something more logical next time, this stuff just isn’t helping the sport.

Postman Pat’s Bad Mail

I wasn’t going to comment on this unless it became public knowledge, I saw the letter yesterday and was hoping it would blow over and a clarification of a clarification was going to be issued. Unfortunately it’s not, the resulting chaos is one that could affect the development of the sport and avoid riders joining their UCI recognised national cycling federation, for us in Scotland, that’s essentially Scottish Cycling, but as I’ve explained before it’s really British Cycling who issue the licences.

CyclingNews are carrying a story on it here.

The Letter, in full, from Pat McQuaid to US Cycling President.

Dear President,

It has recently come to our attention that some National Federations are experiencing difficulties in the interpretation and application of the rules relating to “forbidden races”, namely Articles 1.2.019,

1.2.020 and 1.2.021 of the UCI Regulations.

With this in mind, we would like to provide the following clarification which we hope you will find useful. Article 1.2.019 of the UCI Regulations states:

“No license holder may participate in an event that has not been included on a national, continental or world calendar or that has not been recognized by a national federation, a continental confederation or the UCI.

A national federation may grant special exceptions for races or particular events run in its own country.”

The objective of this regulation is to protect the hard work and resources you pour into the development of your events at national level. It allows for a federative structure, something which is inherent in organized sport and which is essential to being a part of the Olympic movement.

Of course the regulation also allows the UCI, in line with its mission as an international federation, to guarantee uniform regulation.

Article 1.2.019 applies to all license holders, without exception. It does not solely concern professional riders or just the members of UCI teams, contrary to certain statements in the press and on some blogs.

The second paragraph of Article 1.2.019 affords each national federation the facility to grant a special exception for specific races or events taking place in its territory.

Special races or events are understood to be cycle events which are not registered on the national calendar of the country’s federation or on the UCI international calendar. This generally concerns events that are occasional and which do not recur, most often organized by persons or entities who do not belong to the world of organized sport. For example, an event may be organized by an association that does not have a link to the National Federation, such as a race specifically for members of the armed forces, fire fighters or students or perhaps as part of a national multisport event.

With the exception of these special cases, the National Federation is not permitted to grant an exemption to a cycle event which is held, deliberately or not, outside the federative movement. For example, in no case should an exception be granted to a cycling event that is organized by a person or entity who regularly organizes cycling events.

CH 1860 Aigle I Switzerland
Q)+41 24 468 58 11 fax +41 24 468 58 12

The objective of Article 1.2.019 is that exemptions should only be granted in exceptional cases.

Licenseholders who participate in a “forbidden race” make themselves liable not only to sanctions by their National Federation, as scheduled by Article 1.2.021 of the UCI regulations, but also run the risk of not having sufficient insurance cover in the event of an accident.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. Please accept our kindest regards,

Pat McQuaid


What it means to us

I was hoping for a clarification, because this has very far-reaching implications in Scotland. Consider all the sportive events which are not on the BC calendar, any TLI events, some grass track events etc, they would all represent cycle events that could carry sanctions for riders who also have a UCI licence (you can see on your licence it has a UCI number, you have a UCI licence). It’s even worse for our friends down south, who have all time trials out with UCI governance!

This kind of draconian attitude is going to put riders off from a normal progression of sportive rider, to club rider, to racer. If sanctions are implemented here, then we’ll have no riders coming through into the sport from unsanctioned sportives, of which there are many, they would lose the ability to go back and ride those events if they took out a racing licence and were fined & sanctioned as a result. It looks like the UCI are trying to reduce their market, by excluding all but the current club riders, either that or Pat McQuaid is a complete idiot. I’ll go with the latter.


Curiouser & Curiouser

Continuing on from my initial blog, particularly the road racing part of it, I’ve been forwarded a very interesting email that was sent to past & present road race organisers by the National Events Officer for Scottish Cycling, plus a draft calendar in there too, looks like it’s been widely distributed, so seems logical it’s ok to comment on it.

It looks like there is no national road race series in 2013, which is a shame, as I said before it doesn’t need jerseys and a sponsor, but is a nice thing to have, something to aim for and provide progression. Aberdeenshire appears to have an evening road race series, along with the Ingliston Criterium series too. An exciting addition to the calendar is the appearance of the British Road Race Championships on Sunday 23rd June, in Glasgow. The showdown for who wears the British bands in the Tour de France will be fought out, presumably on some circuits of Glasgow City Centre, on the course used for the Commonwealth Games in 2014? Lets hope so, Cav & Fenn from OPQS, Wiggo & Geraint Thomas (along with all the rest) in a super strong Sky squad, BMC’s Blyth & Cummings, this is going to be one hell of a race, especially with the profile cycling now has, will certainly beat the previous years events in the middle of nowhere, although the southerners may still consider this the middle of nowhere. A great event for Glasgow to host.

We also have the British Mountain Bike Championships at the Cathkin Braes on the 21st of July, so this looks like a bit of joined-up thinking from Glasgow City Council, this is another event well worth a visit, reports say the course is really good, with some knowledgable experts/riders in there helping to design it and sort any problems. But as my previous blog, I’m learning about the MTB scene, but would be keen to comment further once I’ve a better understanding.

Back to the Scottish calendar, there’s an attached file with notes. It throws up some surprising details, an inner working of what’s going on at Scottish Cycling towers (or SCU as some of us prefer to call it). The first surprising thing (I’m not sure they meant to release this, rather than asking the organiser first) is that they intend to ask the organiser of a women’s only event to move their event to the same date that a women’s only coaching day is being held. Now, this must surely be a mistake, as why would you clash a training day, presumably designed to prepare female riders for that event? Removes the point in having the training day to some extent, can I find another women’s only event on the calendar, just one or two! Surely these women only events don’t have to be held on the same day.

Next, we don’t have any secured organiser for the Scottish Road Race Championships, an event which has been getting some positive attention in recent years, it could be the biggest domestic event on the Scottish calendar if it was getting pushed & supported.

Apart from that, there’s seems to be some striking gaps in the calendar, scrolling down the organisers names, there appear to be a few notable ones missing, possibly everybody has retired or taken a break all at once, unlikely, so leads me to believe this is an incomplete calendar which wasn’t supposed to be distributed so widely. The notes also look incomplete, a little bit odd & haphazard for an organisation with so many paid members of staff to make sure everything is correct, it doesn’t instill confidence in what’s going to happen in the future. Didn’t we get this all sorted out reasonably easily with one full time member of staff and two volunteers in a portakabin in Edinburgh? But I’ve taken my eye off the Scottish scene to some extent in the last few years, so this may be normal procedure at this time of year these days, but I’m hoping to be back with a vengeance this coming year, might even help out in some races & pin a number on my back if I can get rid of this belly over the winter.