Crash Bang Wallop

I've only managed to catch some snippets of the Giro until this point (the morning of the first individual time trial), it's already proving to be a very interesting race, plus it's currently completely unpredictable who will take final victory. We've got hero's & villains, wet roads, inclement weather, crashes, short steep climbs, we could … Continue reading Crash Bang Wallop

My name’s Di Luca, I live on the 2nd floor.

Twitter breathed a sigh of dis-contentment this week when 2007 Giro winner Danilo Di Luca was seen attacking on the finale of stage 4 at the Giro, it brings back memories of an era we were all trying to forget when we see Di Luca going well, we only assume one thing. Why the blog … Continue reading My name’s Di Luca, I live on the 2nd floor.

Giro Air Attack Data

I found some information regarding some of the daft helmets in my previous post HERE. Getting power outputs from this requires a small amount of schoolboy maths, so here it is for one of the silly looking helmets on the market. The maths Giro have published their drag in Newtons (N) on their website, you … Continue reading Giro Air Attack Data

Subsonic Flow

There's been a lot of chat about Gorilla Greipel's new chrome dome helmet, but lets look at the facts and come to the understanding that these are here to stay, especially in the northern classics & more generally in colder climates like ours. A bit of History Proper polystyrene protective helmets began appearing the very … Continue reading Subsonic Flow