Bio Hazard

Todays big doping news is that the UCI has opened disciplinary proceedings against Jonathan Tiernan-Locke. I've written some positive things about him in the past, hopeful things, wishing that his performances in 2012 were plausible, that he hadn't betrayed Brian Smith, that he may be clean. As proceedings have progressed from a period where Tiernan-Locke … Continue reading Bio Hazard

Decaf’ JTL

Some things are not quite the same when you add an extra process, like decaffeinated coffee, skimmed milk & Sky's Jonathan Tiernan-Locke. There's a very good interview with him on Velonation HERE. It's the first I've seen since he started riding with Sky in 2013, there have been plenty of rumours that he may not … Continue reading Decaf’ JTL