Double d’Huez

Twice up Alpe d'Huez, it always seemed like a pipe dream without any pass-able descent available, but with a little patching up to the Col de Sarenne, it looks like it worked! Atmosphere I've spent a bit of time on l'Alpe when the Tour's been about, it a magical place, it's got something special, everybody … Continue reading Double d’Huez

Maillot à pois rouges – the prologue

Le Tour starts in Corsica on Saturday, I'm a bit scunnered with the whole yellow jersey competition already, so I'm hoping to move away from the huge General Classification shenanigans a little during le Tour. I'm going to focus my attentions on the polka dot jersey, or maillot à pois rouges. I've mentioned the Colombians … Continue reading Maillot à pois rouges – the prologue