Pat McQuaid’s New Career

Nobody's seen him for a while, it looks like he's chosen a completely new career path & is moving into acting, according to sources close to a confectionary salesman. The photo above was reputedly taken at a casting interview for the new Star Trek movie, where McQuaid is reported to be applying for the part … Continue reading Pat McQuaid’s New Career

Brian-Storm II

In June I wrote Brian-Storm, it's now seriously out of date, so here's my thoughts on the current situation, without going into too much detail. *See update at bottom of post, my opinion may be changing. Brian Cookson is under severe pressure to come up with ideas to reform cycling in all areas, women's cycling, … Continue reading Brian-Storm II

Postman Pat’s Bad Mail

I wasn't going to comment on this unless it became public knowledge, I saw the letter yesterday and was hoping it would blow over and a clarification of a clarification was going to be issued. Unfortunately it's not, the resulting chaos is one that could affect the development of the sport and avoid riders joining … Continue reading Postman Pat’s Bad Mail