Beyond Categories

During my 'Scottish Olympic Cycling Team' blog I touched on a possible solution to the issue of licences & race categorisation, without the stranglehold of the British Cycling system. If Scottish Cycling operated its own category system, to work better so riders don't have to travel large distances to race against a full field of … Continue reading Beyond Categories

Local Leagues (Entry League)

I wrote a blog titles 'Out of Our League' back in January, it deserves a rewrite & a bit more thought put into it, especially with the likelihood that things will change regarding how the Regions are set out in the future. Lets take a fresh look & see what we could end up with, … Continue reading Local Leagues (Entry League)

Calm Before the Storm, or is it?

We've seemingly had storms for months, but now is the metaphoric calm before the cycling storm re-ignites itself for the 2013 season. The pre-season time has arrived. All to come very soon, damaged ego's, lies & innuendo, ancient rivalries, psychological warfare, and that's just in the training bunches, let battle commence and roll on to … Continue reading Calm Before the Storm, or is it?

The State of Cycle Racing in Scotland

I’ll begin this blog with a good honest look at how cycle racing in Scotland is progressing with regards to the ever changing road racing scene, the slow demise of ‘traditional’ time trialling, then the massive upsurge of interest in cyclo-cross & track racing. I’ll not go into the sportive scene, but may comment occasionally … Continue reading The State of Cycle Racing in Scotland