El Presidente

This Saturday sees a very strange event, not just the normal abnormality of a Scottish Cycling AGM, but it also includes a contest, we actually have more than one candidate for SC President! For many years, the tradition for each bearer of the President's role is to attempt to get rid of it, to suggest … Continue reading El Presidente

Sport V Funding

There's a void developing between what we see as grass-roots sport & how the sport is 'managed'. The majority of the funding required to run a sport's governing body in this day & age does not come from the people taking part in the sport directly, but through taxes raised across the population & distributed … Continue reading Sport V Funding

Scottish Cycling: Review & Renew (Part1)

Following the recent 'Strategic & Governance Review' of Scottish Cycling by 'Renaissance & Company', a strategic management consultancy, we finally have some idea what exactly is going on inside SC, along with some much-needed answers. In this blog & the following parts of 'Scottish Cycling: Review & Renew', I'll be tackling the tricky questions that … Continue reading Scottish Cycling: Review & Renew (Part1)