Malboro Gains

With the marginal gains philosophy entrenched across the majority of the top teams these days, I find it surprising that most use a bulky radio system in time trials to communicate to their team car. It looks like they've stuffed a packet of fags up their skin-suits, surely there's a better way than this? Radio … Continue reading Malboro Gains

Sky High on Salbutamol?

Twitter has reacted quite badly, in the normal way expected to the piece on about 'A third of Team Sky's riders are asthmatic'. It's probably worth taking a look at some pretty obvious reasons why asthma diagnosis is higher in professional athletes than it is through a sedentary population. For convenience, lets split the … Continue reading Sky High on Salbutamol?

Decaf’ JTL

Some things are not quite the same when you add an extra process, like decaffeinated coffee, skimmed milk & Sky's Jonathan Tiernan-Locke. There's a very good interview with him on Velonation HERE. It's the first I've seen since he started riding with Sky in 2013, there have been plenty of rumours that he may not … Continue reading Decaf’ JTL

Geert outa here!

Geert Leinders, the doctor employed by Sky during 2011 & 2012, while previously employed by Rabobank, where riders are testifying that Leinders doped them, what are we to deduce from this about Sky's ethical policy & what he was doing there in the first place? He's now the subject of a criminal investigation by the … Continue reading Geert outa here!