Format, rider, or both?

This years Tour is incredibly close after 2 weeks, the top four are within 29 seconds of each other, with the next 4 within another 2 minutes from 4th place. This is unheard of at this stage in a Tour, after 60 hours in the saddle the time gaps are minuscule, without Porte's crash involving … Continue reading Format, rider, or both?

Rest Day Predictions

When somebody who looks perfectly capable of attacking & doesn't attack, it either means they're not interested, or they have a serious plan. I'm putting my thoughts for a thrilling final week of the Tour out there. As far as predictions go, I've got past history of being very wrong, so don't place any bets … Continue reading Rest Day Predictions


Bike racers have been aware of the advantages aerodynamics gave them for decades, perhaps from the very beginning of competitive cycling itself. Up until the 1989 Tour de France, nothing had made the differences more stark, than a colourful mix of imagery, marketing & race winning choices, to propel Greg LeMond to an 8 second … Continue reading Aero-Aware

Sagan – The Combine Harvester

The 1989 Tour was memorable for the incredible victory of Greg LeMond over Laurent Fignon in the final metres of tarmac in Paris. But something died that year, something that had a special charm to it, a jersey that the Tour de France could really benefit from re-introducing, sitting quietly on the shoulders of Steven … Continue reading Sagan – The Combine Harvester

The New Religion

It used to be the case that if you couldn't explain something, you blamed God, then if anybody came up with an alternative based on evidence, they came to a horrible end. As time passed, the evidence based explanation became more popular & the lazy old ideas slowly drifted into obscurity, with only the individuals … Continue reading The New Religion

2015 Tour, stages 1&2

I'm only going to comment on any stages I get a chance to watch, so it may be few & far between, here's my initial observations. Stage 1 The time trial didn't really tell us much, just that none of the favourites has bad form. There's been much made of Pinot's placing (41seconds down on … Continue reading 2015 Tour, stages 1&2

Tour Predictions

I was going to do a top 15 prediction, to incite a bit of ridicule & debate, but more importantly to point out the riders slightly further the classification who often get ignored. These riders are often a strange mix, riders of the future, 'surprise' performers, past top 5's, quality riders who had a lucky … Continue reading Tour Predictions

It’s Not Over Yet

Nibali looks very much the superior rider on all terrains in this years Tour, what other absent riders may have done is interesting, but ultimately inconsequential. Nibali has arguably avoided similar downfalls by being consistently well placed & skilled, which is what sets racing apart from riders who attain great watts per kg in a … Continue reading It’s Not Over Yet

More Than Marginal

Nobody can deny that Team Sky has had a substantial effect on the pro peloton since it appeared in 2010. After a shaky start, it had a major influence in making the attention to tiny details acceptable in the culture of pro cycling, which may not produce a flamboyant spectacle, but has proved very successful … Continue reading More Than Marginal

Tour 2014: Yorkshire

An incredible & eventful couple of days in Yorkshire, with both stages featuring plenty of action & literally millions of roadside fans. The Tour's main contenders have emerged at this early stage, with one of the top sprinters lost & one of the GC favourites losing nearly 15 minutes. Stage 1: 'The Jensy' went on … Continue reading Tour 2014: Yorkshire

2014 Tour: Beware The Sideshow

The Tour de France should be about racing, that's why I'm concentrating on the sporting side of things this year, I'm going to try my best to ignore any chat about whether or not Chris Froome got a note from his doctor to dress as a Sumo wrestler, or the usual never-ending doping questions at … Continue reading 2014 Tour: Beware The Sideshow

The Madness of Sir Dave

The fans are unhappy, well lets say 'irate' over Wiggins dropping the bombshell to the British public, that one of their fondest sporting icons will not be chosen for the Sky Team for the Tour de France. This is the culmination of a series of problems running right back to the 2011 Vuelta Espania, where … Continue reading The Madness of Sir Dave

Double d’Huez

Twice up Alpe d'Huez, it always seemed like a pipe dream without any pass-able descent available, but with a little patching up to the Col de Sarenne, it looks like it worked! Atmosphere I've spent a bit of time on l'Alpe when the Tour's been about, it a magical place, it's got something special, everybody … Continue reading Double d’Huez

Maillot à pois rouges – the prologue

Le Tour starts in Corsica on Saturday, I'm a bit scunnered with the whole yellow jersey competition already, so I'm hoping to move away from the huge General Classification shenanigans a little during le Tour. I'm going to focus my attentions on the polka dot jersey, or maillot à pois rouges. I've mentioned the Colombians … Continue reading Maillot à pois rouges – the prologue

Knee Deep in Motivation

Bradley Wiggins, after an outstanding 2012 is struggling to come to terms with an ordinary 2013, lets take a look at how that might have come about. 2012 Lets not forget just how stellar a year it was for Wiggo in 2012, here's a list of his main achievements during the year. Winner : Paris … Continue reading Knee Deep in Motivation